October 13, 2014

Review on L'oréal Préférence Glam Lights

I recently tested the Préférence Glam Lights by L'oréal Paris as I wanted to freshen up my natural blonde hair color. You can get the highlight kit for three different type of hair colors:
01 Very light blonde
02 Dark to light blonde
03 Light brown to dark blonde
As my hair is medium to dark blonde I got the kit in number 02.

The box comes with
1. One tube of lightening creme
2. One applicator bottle of developer creme
3. One lightening powder sachet
4. One conditioner (which I didn't like so much)
5. One expert brush
6. One user guide & one pair of gloves.

You mix 1, 2 and 3 in the bottle of number 2 and shake the bottle well. After applying the mixture on your hair you leave it in for 25 to 45 minutes. I left it in my hair a little longer (only some parts of my hair) which is definitely not good for your hair but I always struggle with the development time because my hair is really thick and quite long and I cannot work the product in so fast. Special about that kit is the Expert brush which helps to blend naturally golden reflects. The expert brush has a  3-phase distribution for beautifully blended highlights as the packaging says. For application you fill in the three channels of the brush.You apply it on your hair by using the brush in a vertical position without getting too much on the roots. That is easier said than done! I used my finger tips to help me out with applying the mixture on my hair so that it looks really natural at the end. I recommend asking a friend for help as it is a little difficult to apply it on your own without having practise with the Expert Brush. Nevertheless, I love the result on my hair which is a really beautiful blonde color without any ugly yellow or orange undertone.

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  1. Love to read your comments to my posts!! Thanks to you all :-)

  2. I've been pondering about this product for a fair while, I'd love to see an 'after' picture!

    Marina x


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