December 7, 2014

I tried a BB Cream by Garnier

I hope you're all doing well. There so many BB creams out there and many people are raving about them, so I wanted to give one a try. I decided to get the BB Cream by Garnier as so many bloggers seemed to like it. I have combination skin which gets a little oily in the T-zone. I don't have a problem with pimples and my skin is not that sensitive.
What the packaging says:
The BB cream is made for combination to oily skin, the oil-free skin care formula combines mattifying mineral pigments  to deliver an immediate complexion transformation. The BB cream by Garnier controls shine, minimises your pores, evens out the skin tone, hydrates and protects.

So I got this product in the color light as I'm a blonde and pretty pale but it's still a way too dark for me. When it comes to foundations, BB creams or mattifying powders I really want the color of the product to fit my skin tone. Moreover I'm not happy with the result. BB creams just even out the skin tone a little and are not made for full coverage, but I don't fell like this product does anything to my skin than making it appear darker because the shade isn't fitting me. In addition it is too moisturizing and hydrating for my skin. They say it's made for combination skin but after having this cream on my face for an hour my skin is getting really oily. A positive thing is that in comparison to a normal foundation I don't feel like wearing any make-up at all. 
It's not a bad product but definitely not made for my skin (: so if you have a really light skin tone like me and your skin tends to be a little oily I wouldn't recommend using this BB cream.

I hope this was helpful for you. Which BB creams do you use? Leave me some recommendations down below.




  1. I felt the same, not great for oily girls :P

  2. I got this but the colour like yours was far too dark for me I am literally the colour of a ghost lol. xox

  3. I have this and it's great for my dry skin. I do agree that this is not the best for oily skin girlies. My favourite BB cream is from Hada Labo a Japanese brand. It's really good!

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