January 2, 2015

How I curl my hair

I hope you all had a wonderful time at New Year's Eve. Today's post is going to be about how I curl my hair. I curl my hair with a flat iron when I want only some nice loose curls. I f I want really big voluminous hair I always use a curling wand. For this look I used my curling wand by Remington (CI-95) at ~ 200°C. This curling wand has a
  • Digital LCD display 130ºC to 210ºC
  • Fast heats up in 30 seconds
  • Auto shut off after 60 minutes
  • Temperature key lock to prevent accidental temperature changing
  • Cool tip [Remington].
 The set comes with a glove to protect your hand from burning. To protect my hair I always use a heat protect spray by L'Oreal (review here). Make sure that you use the right curling iron for your hair. My hair is pretty thick so I tend to curl really small pieces of my hair to get a nice curl. You can also use bobby pins to pin your curls and remove them after cooling. I skip this step as my hair is already a little naturally curly and curls made by an curling iron usually stay in my hair for a long time. There are tons of really good tutorials on YouTube on how to use the right technique to curl your hair. I always clip my hair into different layers and start curling by working my way up. This is the easiest way for me. And never forget hairspray to hold everything in place.

Thanks for reading (: Which curling irons/wands do you use? Do you prefer flat irons for curling your hair?



  1. Love this look :), I like that you use a heat protectant. I used to straighten my hair all the time, then started using my GHDs to curl my hair aswell. It was only when I started to use the right products and let my hair air dry that I realised it was naturally curly!


  2. I love your hair curled, looks really lovely. I'm using KISS Instawave to curl my hair, it's the one curler that actually helps my stubborn hair.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  3. Happy New Year to you Sweetie! Your hair looks beautiful, you really achieved some great curl definition.

    Keisha xo

    1. Thanks, you too have a wonderful year 2015!! ♥

  4. Can't wait until my hair is longer so I can curl it again . Your pictures look lovely. xox


  5. You have lovely hair! I usually use my ghd to curl my hair, but I have really long layers and it tends to flatten. Your blog is super pretty, would you like to follow each other? xx


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