February 11, 2015

Bye bye dry hands

When it comes to dry hands I can become really peeved, there is nothing more uncomfortable. That's why I never forget to moisturize my hands before sleeping or always carry some hand cream in my bag. A hand cream I'm loving recently, as it is perfect for irritaed hands in winter time, is the Repairing barrier cream by Eau Thermale Avène. It's a cream for very dry chapped, cracked, irritated hands caused by various types of aggressions like climatic. You should apply it twice a day, concentrating on your most irritated areas as the packaging says. This cream is really rich and super moisturizing, it takes a while until my hands absorbed all the moisture out of the cream. That's why I only use this cream before going to bed. In the morning my hands feel really soft, so this one is working! This cream is paraben-free and doesn't really have a strong smell.

If you're looking for a super moisturizing hand cream you can give this one a try.
Which one is your favorite hand cream for winter?

Nati xx


  1. I hate dry hands, nothing worse. I haven't used this particular one but I love Soap & Glory Hand Food x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Yeah, so many people love Hand Food by Soap & Glory (:

  2. This sounds pretty good to me xox


  3. Sounds great!



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