March 31, 2015

NYX ♥ | The Curve Liner

I'm using this eyeliner for a while now and I absolutely love it. The packaging looks a little weird but it's actually really helpful to create a perfect wing. I think the shape makes it so much easier to hold the product in your hands. I always have a hard time applying my eyeliner. I'm not a huge fan of gel eyeliners that you apply with a brush, it just looks too messy on me because I can't handle them! So I prefer these felt typ liners. This is a must have for anyone that has ever had trouble getting that famous cat eye look. The result is very black, smudge proof and it dries super fast. It's easy to draw either thick lines or a thin line for a more natural look. The only downside is the quality of the packaging. It has kind of broken so quickly, I expected a better quality package. See what happens so often:

That really sucks. Nevertheless, I love this product. I've been using The Curve for a few months now and it has not dried yet ( & I hope it won't that fast).

What are your experiences with the NYX The Curve Liner? What's your favorite eyeliner?
Leave me a comment down below, I really love to read them.

Nati xx

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