May 26, 2015

Beauty Haul | Products I need in my life

I got so many products lately and in this post I'll show you what picked up. There are many products I wanted to try for a while now and products I wanted to repurchase. So here is what I bought, as if I don't have enough!

I picked up two more Zoeva eye brushes. A Smudger 226 (vegan synthetic hair) to blend the eyeshadow and eyeliner. It'll be great for smokey eyes. Then I got the brush with the number 231 Luxe Petit Crease (natural-synthetic mix) to accentuate the crease. I love all Zoeva brushes I have, hopefully I'll love these guys too.

Then I got a face mist by The Body Shop of their Vitamin E range to set my makeup. I already used it and I can say that I love it so far. I also picked up the Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer. It's a great primer because it actually really minimizes the pores!

I bought a lot of stuff at Rituals. I got the Yogi Flow Indian Rose & Almond Oil foaming shower gel sensation (what a long name) and the Shanti Shower Indian Rose & Sweet Almond Oil shower oil. The Honey Touch rich and nourishing body cream smells just incredible. I rarely use a scrub, so I only got the small size of the Himalaya Salt Scrub.

Recently my nails break so easily, so I decided to go for the Millionails Intense Care by Essie. The dalan d'Olive makes my favorite hand cream for years. It's a turkish brand by the way. Because I heard so many good things about the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, I had to get me one too. At the Body Shop I also got a sample of their new body butter in the scent Mango (this smells soo good). I love that the name on it is handwritten.

I finally got this perfume by ChloƩ (after I run out of my small sample). I've been loving Love Story for months now (you know that if you follow me for a while, I mentioned it in two of my monthly favorites posts!). I still love this scent.

Have you tried any of these products lately? And did you like them or not?
Nati xx

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