June 4, 2015

My monthly favorites | May 2015

It's already June (Can you believe that? The time goes by so fast and I sound like an old person now!) so it's time to share my May favorites with you guys. I really enjoy writing these kind of posts lately.
I discovered the Tangle Teezer last month. I never could understand what's all about this plastic hairbrush but I have to say that I actually love this brush too. It glides through my (wet or dry) hair so easily and removes all tangles. I'm not sure if someone ever noticed: I love the fact that I can wash it and all sticky hair & product remains can be removed quickly. And of course, it's pink (:

For lip products I've been loving this lip scrub by Lush with the flavor Mint Julips. It works so well and tastes pretty good too (I think it'll last forever). Same for the EOS lip balm. I use it daily ever since I got it. The flavor is blueberry acai.

I was wearing the shades Sin (shimmery), Naked and Buck (matte) from the original Naked palette by Urban Decay a lot on my eyes in May. I'm all about matte brown eyeshadows lately. I was also loving the Perversion mascara by UD. This brush and its formula is awesome, it gives me so much volume and reaches also  the short hairs very easily.

For deodorant I've been loving the Garnier mineral Ultra Dry 48 h. I really like the fresh smell but it's definitely NOT lasting for 48 hours, not even 12 hours I can say. It's okay for me, I just use it multiple times a day (:

American Cream by Lush is my all time favorite hair conditioner! It smells like heaven. It's not the best conditioner for really dry or damaged hair but it still makes my hair really soft.
I'm also enjoying this rose gold watch by H&M. I think it's really pretty and so affordable!
* picture fashionmumblr.com
Now to more random favorites. My human favorite for May is definitely Josie from Fashion Mumblr. I check her blog daily! She also started uploading more videos on YouTube. So make sure to subscribe to her channel. You won't regret it because her videos are just awesome (:

Which products are your favorites right now?
Nati xx

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