June 16, 2015

Rapid White Bleaching Stripes Express | Review

Rapid White Bleaching Stripes Express promises visibly whiter teeth in only 5 days. There are 10 gel-like stripes in the packet that you stuck to your teeth two times a day after you've brushed your teeth and applied an express whitening solution that comes in a white tube. Don't eat and drink after the whole process to get the best results.
When it comes to teeth I'm really careful with the products I use. My teeth are sensitive and there is nothing more important than healthy teeth! So I used only one stripe a day and had no issues with sensitive or even painful teeth. The stripes are really thin, easy to use and dissolve quickly. But as they don't taste that good (a weird minty flavour) I always brush my teeth right after and didn't eat anything for about an hour (the packaging says 15 minutes without eating are enough).
I did notice a difference after using all stripes but I don't think the whole process makes it worth because after a few days without using the stripes anymore my teeth had the same shade they had before. I can get the same whitening effect whenever I use a whitening toothbrush which is so much easier to handle. These stripes are definitely not a permanent solution for discolored teeth and I truly believe they shouldn't be used continuously. I also think they're quite expensive*.

Daumen hoch really sensitive, easy to use, stripes dissolve quickly
Daumen runter weird flavour, unsatisfactory results, expensive

Would I recommend it to a friend? - No. 
* about 15 €/17 $/11 £

Have you used these whitening stripes by Rapid White? Are there any whitening stripes you can recommend?
Nati xx

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