September 12, 2015

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions | First impressions

I received the Irresistible Me Hair Extensions* in my postbox today and I was just so excited to finally clip them into my hair. All Irresistible Me extensions are 100% natural remy hair. They're so high quality that I instantly had to write this article (a full review is coming soon!). I decided to take them in the color Honey Blonde #28. I was really afraid that they might be too blonde for my hair but they fit so well, I don't have to dye them (you can definitely see the contrast between my natural hair and the extensions better on photo than in real life). But I need to curl them a little as my natural hair is wavy.

I took my extensions in the length 22'. That is quite long. AND you get much hair, I clipped in half of all of them and my hair hair already was super full and had much volume. 

*picture taken from Irresistible Me
My natural hair - the extensions

In the next weeks I'll wear them, see if the clips are painful or if I have any other problems with the hair extensions. So a full review is coming soon. I just wanted to quickly share with you my first impression (as I was so excited ^^).

Nati xx

*PR sample

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