September 18, 2015

Summer trends I LOVE (suitable for fall!)

There are some summer trends that I absolutely love and continue to wear in fall as well. These trends include stackable rings that always elevate your outfit in an instant, metallic temporary tattoos worn by Beyoncé or Alessandra Ambrosio as well or the triangle trend - worn as a tattoo or jewellery.

1. Stackable Rings
It's the latest trend I love as I adore playing around with rings and bracelets inspired by so many photos on Instagram. Sometimes it's hard to wear a bunch at once without going overboard. Here are some tips:
1. Don't be too matchy-matchy. Buying rings from the same brand or designer will help to keep the look together.
2. Remember that sometimes less is more.
3. Play with material (metal, stones, pearls), shape & texture to create an interesting look.

2. Metallic tattoos
Metallic tattoos are THE body art trend of 2015. Flash Tattoos is the most popular online shop where you can get so many different designs. I personally don't like to wear them all over my body, I prefer wearing them as bracelets or rings. Or just cut them and wear them as kind of earrings as well!
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3. Geometric jewellery
As a huge fan of minimalist jewellery I absolutely love this geometric trend that's going on right now. I find the most beautiful pieces on Etsy. To create your own geometric temporary tattoos, use a waterproof eyeliner as I did! They last all day long (:
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Are you a fan of these trends? Do you wear metallic temporary tattoos in fall as well? (:
Nati xx

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