September 25, 2015

Tangle Teezer | Why I love this brush

I bought this brush called the Tangle Teezer a while ago - influenced by the hype - to see if it was actually worth buying one. Honestly I wasn't expecting to love it that much as it doesn't look that spectacular. I mean, it's only a hair brush (: Now that I'm using this brush for a few months now, it's time to share my opinion with you.
My natural hair is long and kind of wavy/curly but most of the time I like to wear it straight. When I get out of the shower it takes me so much time to detangle it. It's even worse when I didn't put in some conditioner what I usually do all the time. Brushing through your hair after showering is really bad for it as your hair is more fragile when it's wet. Ripping through with a comb or brush causes breakage. As the tangle teezer glides through your hair more easily than a regular brush or comb it causes less damage. And it takes me less time to get ready! Well, the Tangle Teezer is perfect to comb wet hair as it's much kinder to your hair but now I totally switched over to use the Tangle Teezer all the time (not only after the shower). Usually the bristles on the combs I used break off all just after a few weeks and were therefore causing more damage on my hair. My hair ruined many brushes as I is really thick (: My Tangle Teezer looks still the same after the 4 months of using it, no bristles fell off so far.
The Tangle Teezer comes in different designs that are really pretty. Also, it's perfect for travelling, because it's small and super light.
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Furthermore, I love that I can wash this plastic brush with baby shampoo to remove all the hair and dirt that became entangled in the brush. 
To conclude, I'm really happy that I actually tried the Tangle Teezer, because it's not only "a simple plastic brush" (my words!). It really helps to detangle my crazy hair fast and gentle. And for the price (about 15$) I definitely recommend trying this product.

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer? And did you like it?
Nati xx

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