December 30, 2015

Guest post | How to Get Your Skin Flawless for New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve is almost here, which means that the majority of girls have already started thinking about their splendid outfit for the hottest party of the year. Even though the search for the perfect dress and heels might be extremely frustrating, there is nothing as important as the fabulous outfit. Another immensely important requirement in order to look dashing is flawless skin. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your skin properly.

1. Exfoliate
Old skin cells piling up on the surface of your skin always make it look dry, dull and rough. This leads to excess oil, clogged pores, acne and blemishes, as well. However, as your skin simply needs to look flawless at New Year’s Eve party, you should take the first step and exfoliate it properly.
This treatment will remove dead cells and uncover healthy ones below. Exfoliating cleansers containing sea salt are amazing, especially if you go for the one with round grains instead of irregular ones. The latter can cause skin lacerations which may not be visible to the human eye, but can cause numerous serious damages.

Additionally, homemade exfoliating scrubs can do the job, too.  First, they are a way cheaper than commercially made ones. Most importantly, you will know exactly what ingredients they contain. For example, as one of the most fantastic natural exfoliants, coffee boosts collagen production. One tablespoon of coffee combined with another one of olive oil makes an inexpensive face scrub that will make your skin look fresh and radiant.

As soon as temperatures drop, your skin becomes dry and tight, usually with some flaky patches. This is exactly why moisturising is a crucial skincare step after exfoliation. A good scrub will allow the good face moisturiser to penetrate into your skin much better.
In order to hydrate your skin properly during cold days, always choose the one that fits your skin type. Gels are great for oily skin, creams for dry, organic moisturizers for sensitive and serums for normal skin type.

All you need to do is apply a small blob of moisturiser by gently massaging in a circular motion. If your skin feels a bit tight afterwards, apply a bit more.

3. Beauty Treatments

Numerous innovations in the cosmetic surgery provide women with the opportunity to look fabulous all the time. There are so many different treatments, either invasive or non-invasive that enhance your look in a short period of time. Beauty treatment including fraxel laser is just one of such procedures that are popular even among the celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Liz Hurley.
Basically, multiple focused beams of laser energy penetrate from the upper layer of skin down to deeper layers, improving both deep and surface wrinkles, skin texture and discolouration. Since it is makes tiny thermal zones that stimulate the production of collagen, such treatment doesn’t harm your skin and helps you maintain youthful look during your late 40s and 50s.
The period of recovery is very short, which is amazing especially when you take into consideration splendid results. This beauty treatment will make your skin look rejuvenated and luminous. Finally, you just need to apply perfect New Year’s makeup and you’re all set.
As you can see, having perfect skin is just one step towards achieving a glamorous look at New Year’s Eve party. It is certainly important, not only because of aesthetics, but also because of your overall well-being. After all, you have got only one body, and you should definitely treat it with respect. Your future self will appreciate that.

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Peter Minkoff is a fashion stylist and a writer located in Brisbane, Australia. Graduated from Australian Institute Of Creative Design, he worked as a wardrobe assistant for Brisbane Fashion Festival. Combining all his skills and experience along with his complete and utter passion for fashion, he is planning to launch own independent styling business.

Thanks to Peter for this wonderful collaboration. If you like to read some other articles of him on my blog you can find them HERE & HERE.

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