December 6, 2015

Introducing Maple Holistics: Winter Blend Conditioner

I recently started using more organic products on my hair. Especially shampoos that are paraben and silicone free so I was super happy to get the chance to test products from the brand Maple HolisticsMaple Holistics is a beauty company based in the US. They develop and manufacture their own all natural cosmetics. They offer products that take care of your hair, body, and skin.  All their products are vegan-friendly and none of them contain any ingredients which have been tested on animals.
I'm using their Winter Blend Conditioner* for a few weeks now. If you read my blog constantly you probably remember that I already mentioned this conditioner in my October favorites. It was love at first sight haha (:

It does a great job in moisturizing my hair, makes my hair shiny and soft. And it smells awesome! The scent is fresh and minty as it contains five different mint varieties. The smell reminds me a little bit of toothpaste (sounds weird but it is really good!). The conditioner contains argan, jojoba, aloe vera, shea butter, pomegranate, green tea, sea buckthorn, and hibiscus:

Wild Mint: (Mentha arvensis) Also known as Field Mint, this particular mint has a deep and full-bodied mint scent and its own therapeutic advantages for ideal scalp health. Naturally occurring therapeutic monoterpenes include α-terpineol and isopulegol. It helps stimulate the blood flow to the root of the hair, helping it receive proper nourishment to grow correctly.
Bergamot Mint: (Mentha citrata) This delightfully gentle essential oil has a similar chemistry to Lavender and Bergamot and is therefore easy and soothing on the skin. The aromatic properties of this beautiful mint can be described as uplifting, clean, and fresh. It also has disinfectant properties, which inhibit the growth of germs causing bad odor. Well-balanced in α-copanene, α-humulene, β-bourbonene, β-caryophyllene, and e-β-farnesene. When applied to the hair, it soaks into the scalp and strands, stimulates blood flow to the follicles around the roots, and gives hair added strength and shine.
Spearmint: (Mentha spicata) This wonderful addition is a beautiful and bright mint variety which softens and sweetens the aroma, while acting as a general restorative with its active constituent Carvone.
Peppermint: (Mentha piperita) Candy-like Peppermint contributes the classic base aroma sweet and familiar to all. It’s rich in anti-inflammatory properties with a natural panel of sesquiterpenes and monoterpenes. It also has hydrating properties that reduce hair frizz, leaving locks with a bit of gloss. Its pH-balancing qualities are also useful for dry scalps.
Eucalyptus Mint: (Eucalyptus Polybractea)Eucalyptus Blue Mallee is an Australian plant which is known for its famous Eucalyptus-and-peppermint combination aroma which provides warm herbaceous mint-like undertones. It has many antifungal properties that prevent residue buildup that clogs the pores on the head. It stimulates the hair follicles, relieves an itchy scalp, and improves the shine, thickness, and overall health of the hair.
Jojoba Oil: Helps replenish and protect the hair follicles against undesirable conditions which can stem from a lack of hair nourishment. Because jojoba oil has the same molecular structure as sebum (the natural oil of the scalp), it does not mess with the scalp’s natural balance. It has 98% monounsaturated fats and 2% saturated fats, which help it easily penetrate the hair follicle and strengthen the hair from the inside.
Botanical Keratin: Hair nutrient deficiencies can sometimes stem from lack of keratin, which this natural ingredient generously replenishes.
* taken from Maple Holistics

I can highly recommend this conditioner.  The ingredients are really high quality. Most hair care products simply maintain the problem instead of solving it. That's why Maple Holistics uses purest natural ingredients only. I coundn't find any downsides.
By the way, do you love that metallic blue snowflake on the packaging too? (:
Now to you. If you want to receive a free product + sample by Maple Holistics you just have to follow these steps:
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What do you guys think?
Nati xx

*PR sample

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