December 27, 2015

Review | Purifying Toner & Emulsion by IASO

I'm back after Christmas with another skincare post but this time it's a little bit different because it's about a product range that's completely new to me. The Daily Care Bundle* by the Korean skincare brand IASO includes definitely one of the most intriguing products I've personally come across & it turns out it's also one of the brand's bestsellers! But let me tell you more about the company IASO.
The IASO brand began back in 2001 to address skincare needs based on the research and expertise of leading dermatologists.With their luxurious ingredients and evolved technologies, IASO wants to deliver youthful glow and timeless beauty to skin. IASO is domestically expanding both online and offline nationwide. The brand has been clearly becoming a global brand, starting with expansion of its market into New Zealand, China, Vietnam, USA, Singapore and Indonesia. + IASO has never – nor will it ever – test its products on animals!
The Daily Care Bundle set includes the Ghassoul Black Cleansing Oil*, the Purifying Emulsion* and the Purifying Toner*. As my skin is oily to combination, this set is a good option for my skin. You can get the whole set for $106 which is totally fine as you get a lot of the product within the set (Purifying Toner & Emulsion are each 180 ml).
I use the Purifying Toner in the morning and before I go to bed on my face. It's super refreshing (especially in the morning and in summer!), lightweight and not sticky. The texture of the serum is clear and liquid, it's really easy to apply. It feels a little like water on your face. If you read my October favorites you know that I already mentioned this toner as a BIG LOVE (: 
The toner contains botanical extracts (picture below) but also Alcohol which is really not necessary ...
180 ml - $39 USD 
★★★★★★ 6/5 (:

The Purifying Emulsion can be used day or night. I prefer applying it in the morning as the consistency is milky gel-like and for the night I love a rich cream. The emulsion moisturizes pretty good, works amazing as a foundation base but is a little to light for the cold winter. It really hydrates my skin without the feeling of applying a heavy cream.
Did you know? Oily skin needs moisture just as much as dry skin. Oil is not moisture and oily skin does not make the skin smooth. Oily skin can also be sensitive. That's why IASO recommends using water-based moisturizers on your oily skin.  

The botanical extracts in this emulsion are derived from Shiso or Aloe Vera gel:

180 ml -$42 USD
★★★★ 4/5
Toner and Emulsion feel quite luxurious on my skin. Also the packaging looks really elegant. I can definitely recommend trying IASO skincare products.

You can use the coupon code ARTDICTED to get a discount of 15% when you're making a purchase on their website!
I hope you're looking forward to read my thoughts on their Ghassoul Black Cleansing Oil!

Nati xx

*PR sample

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