January 12, 2016

100% Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask by Maple Holistics | Review

The Dead Sea in Israel is the most saline body of water in the world. The Dead Sea mud or clay has so many beneficial qualities for maintenance of the skin's youthful appearance and protection of the cell nucleus against early aging. It's known for offering complete and natural cures for skin problems like acne prone skin or vitiligo. The Dead Sea Mud Mask* by Maple Holistics ($13.77) is a facial mask combining 100% pure Dead Sea Mud with essential oils. Maple Holistics is a beauty company based in the US. They develop and manufacture their own all natural cosmetics. They offer products that take care of your hair, body, and skin.  All their products are vegan-friendly and none of them contain any ingredients which have been tested on animals!

The ingredients:
Natural Dead Sea Mud
Lavender: This highly popular oil in the world of aromatherapy contributes compounds which work well with the minerals of the mud and helps attain maximum absorption.
Clary Sage: The aromatherapy aspect is heightened with the addition of Clary Sage, which helps deliver an herbaceous and relaxing scent while complementing the positive benefits on facial skin.
Green Myrtle: This valuable asset oil is reputed to be the single most effective essential oil against oily skin. Many skincare products skip over this ingredient due to its high production costs; this formula does not compromise for any cheaper and less effective alternatives.
German Chamomile: Known to be nature’s most effective anti-inflammatory, German Chamomile is naturally rejuvenating and helps reduce inflammation. German Chamomile also contains traces of lithium to assist in calming the nerves and reducing stress. As well as Glycerin USP, Pseudocollagen, DMDM Hydantoin.

As a huge fan of facial masks I absolutely enjoy using it. I love that all ingredients are 100% natural. After using this mask my skin feels so much softer, clearer & cleaner. I feel like it also helps to reduce those bad blackheads. The scent is so calming. It smells like lavender. I used the product quite often but there is still a lot left in my jar: 
This Dead Sea Mud Mask definitely became my few pampering favorite. As I've never had any problems with acne I can't say if it helps to reduce the acne, but I do have problems with vitiligo. I really hope it helps to cure it a little, at least I can't do anything wrong using it since the mask is full of amazing ingredients (:
If you want to test products by Maple Holistics I recommend checking out their website to get Free Samples! I recently started using their Winter Blend Conditioner* as well & I absolutely fell in love with it. Review HERE.

Which masks are your favorite? What do you guys think about this mask by Maple Holistics?
Nati xx

*PR sample

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