January 18, 2016

Rainbow Hair DIY

Hair chalking is a fun and easy way to add temporary non-damaging color to your hair. All you need is some pastels (I found mine HERE*. They're super inexpensive!), water, gloves, old towels to protect your clothes from color and a flat iron. I experimented a little with the set that comes with 24 beautiful colors. And here are my hair chalking tips:

How to chalk your hair
Step 1: First wet your hair so that the chalk is easier to apply. I find it really difficult to apply the chalk on dry hair. If you're blonde the colors will be much brighter. However if your hair is brown the color will be more subtle. 
Step 2: I recommend running some water through your hair or using some conditioner after applying the color to your hair. This will remove the color a little but makes your hair softer. Your hair can feel really sticky with all the chalk in it.
Step 3: Let it dry. I recommend air drying so that you don't blow off the chalk. 
Step 4: To set the color you can use a flat iron.
As my hair is light brown all shades look really soft on my natural hair. For the Rainbow Hair DIY I used extensions in blonde to get a bright result. It makes the simple ponytail so special.

Hair chalking is such a mess. Make sure to use the pastels carefully or you ruin your clothes (: 
The colors normally last until you shampoo. However, the light pink of the set didn't come out (dish soap wasn't working as well haha) so I definitely recommend testing all shades on a little strand before applying them to all of your hair.
What do you guys think about this hairstyle? I'll be definitely using this set a lot in summer, it's so much fun (: Have you ever used hair chalk? And how do you remove the color? Let me know.

Nati xx

*PR sample from Banggood

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