February 29, 2016

3 ways to apply your foundation | That will make you want to take a selfie!

Let's talk about flawless foundation today! My favorite foundation is the Maestro Foundation by Giorgio Armani, since it's so light and looks really natural on my face. Before applying the foundation, use a primer (my favorite HERE) and let it set for 5 minutes, so that it can soak into your skin. Next step is foundation & there are different ways to apply it:
1. Beauty blender
This is my favorite way to achieve a blended flawless finish. When getting the Beauty blender wet under the sink, it expands from a small size to a bigger version. Then take a towel and dry it off a little bit. Put some foundation on the round base and blend the product into your skin. With the pointy side cover under eye circles or spots around the nose with a concealer.

2. Brush
For days when you want some more coverage, use a brush to apply your foundation. Pour a little bit of foundation onto the back of your hand (your body heats up the foundation!) and lightly set the brush into the foundation. Apply it onto your face in circular motion. My favorite brushes: Buffer 104 by Zoeva and Kabuki brush by Angels & Demons*. The last one is perfect for travelling and feels so soft! I personally find it really hard to apply the foundation with a flat foundation brush (on picture: Flat brush by Kiko).
3. Fingers
You can't put foundation on your face the same way you use a moisturizer. Dot the foundation around areas where you need the most coverage. That makes the application process easier. Make sure to to wash your hands immediately. I use this way to apply my foundation only when I don't have any brush. It definitely takes more time to blend but the finish is flawless, as your fingers heat up the product & help to blend it into your skin.

What is your favorite way to apply foundation? ☺
Nati xx

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