February 7, 2016

My alternative to NAKED by Urban Decay

I wanted to write this post for ages and now it's finally online, yay. When Maybelline came out with their The Nudes palette I just had to purchase it as neutral colors are definitely my favorite eyeshadows to wear. They recently created a new palette, The Blushed Nudes. If you follow my blog for a while now you probably know that I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes. The colors are beautiful, pigmented and so easy to blend. But this article is not me raving about UD, because when I find a cheaper alternative I'm more than happy (:
So here are ALL swatches of  NAKED and NAKED 2 (as I don't own the third palette, I don't know why) + colors that are very similar from The Nudes palette. They're somewhat similar shades but not necessarily perfect dupes. And as it's easier to imagine the shades by seeing them on picture, there won't be any color descriptions. Overall I'm really impressed by The Nudes, most colors have a great pigmentation beside some lighter shades. My favorite shade of all of them is definitely #2. It's nearly gone (pictures here are older).

So let's start with  pictures of the original NAKED palette:
All photos of NAKED 2:
Photos of The Nudes palette:
Here are the swatches of the shades that I believe are quite similar:
What do you guys think? Is The Nudes palette by Maybelline a good alternative for the expensive NAKED palettes? Which shade is the best dupe?

Nati xx

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