April 4, 2016

Tips on how to go blonder

Blonde hair will always be IN. Nevertheless, if you're not naturally blonde a salon visit with hair coloring can be super pricey and pretty damaging to your hair. Here are some tips on how to get your hair looking a beautiful shade of blonde. 
I've been using the Go Blonder range by John Frieda for years now. The shampoo and conditioner gradually lighten blonde hair for a year-round sun-kissed look that I love. The result is pretty soft and natural. Don't worry, you won't become a platinum blonde bombshell after using them ☺
If your scalp is really sensitive I probably wouldn't try any products of this range. I read some horrifying reviews from people losing hair and getting irritated skin. Nevertheless, this is just my personal experience and I had no problems with an itchy scalp at all. Only the shampoo is a little drying to my hair.

The lightening spray by John Frieda gives you even blonder results. Just spray it on the parts of your hair that you want to lighten und use some heat (I blow-dry my hair). It visibly lightens in 3-5 uses. Make sure to use a purple toner (I use one by Tigi, HERE), because your hair will look a little brassy. 
Another super gentle shampoo that I recommend for blonde hair is by Schwarzkopf. It doesn't lighten blonde hair but makes it looking nice + it smells amazing!
Although I find lightening products like that less damaging than bleaching, they're not good for your hair! 
But there are ways to lighten your hair naturally:
Get plenty of sun! The more time you spend outside in the sunlight, the lighter your hair will turn. Lemon juice also naturally lightens hair, but be careful, it also dries out your hair. Or if you plan spending time in the sun, mix lemon juice and honey and apply it to your hair first and then let it dry in the sun.

What are your tips for going blonder?
Nati xx 

*First picture from Tumblr

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