June 19, 2016

How to create custom iPhone cases

If you ever thought about making a custom case for your iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy, Caseapp is a great option. The Swedish brand does not only make custom phone cases but also laptop skins. They have an awesome bunch of marbles and other cool designs that you can customize with their designing tool. For my iPhone 5s I decided to go for a Black Marble* print. You can choose between glossy or matte cases. I took a matte finish. 
So now to my experiences with Caseapp ☺ One case is $34. I think it's not cheap but totally fine for a case that's your own design. With the designing tool you can do collages, insert texts, change the background or include clip arts. There are only nine different fonts you can decide from which I think is a huge problem, because I didn't like any style of them. The clip arts are really beautiful but were useless for my case design because I couldn't change the color from the ones I liked from black to white. So overall, I felt a little restricted during the designing process. I wasn't even able to include a simple white line on my case.
What I really like is the fact that it's possible to upload pictures. But make sure your photos are good quality. I recommend using another program like Photoshop. Then upload the final picture to Caseapp. That's what I did to get my design that includes a the Chinese word for "love" which is 愛. 
I'm really satisfied with the print quality. Also, the print is on all sides. The delivery was super fast, I wasn't expecting that! However, on the other side the customer service isn't the fastest. On the other hand the girls working there are super nice and friendly.
I highly recommend checking out Caseapp. I'm sure you'll find a lovely design. Also, I think a custom case would be a lovely present, isn't it?  By using the code SIMPLYARTDICTED20 you get 20% off!

Where is your iPhone case from?
Nati xx

*PR sample, in loving cooperation with Caseapp

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