June 1, 2016

What's in my bag?

Today I'm showing you what I carry in my handbag for the simple reason that I always LOVE watching this kind of tag on YouTube. I'm not sure if my little post is the most helpful article I've ever wrote, but maybe you can find some inspiration through it or you get to know me better based on what I keep in my purse. My recently most worn handbag  is by Valentino. I'm a huge fan of it's simple design, it rocks ☺ + it was such a bargain! I highly recommend looking for designer handbags at TK Maxx every now and then.
First, I'll mention all the stuff everyone keeps in a bag. My wallet is by Fiorelli. It's so huge, so that it can keep all my cash and cards, and it has a beautiful blue and white striped design. My phone is an iPhone and I absolutely love it. I got a marble case for it. For my keys I bought a pom-pom pendant. This is such a cool trend, isn't it? My blue sunglasses* are by Firmoo.

For the hot days I always need something to drink, whether it's sweet like coke or coconut water or just water. This sounds so cliché but water is definitely my favorite drink ☺ I also love to pick up a bottle of water at my local drugstore that I can spray onto my face. It's so refreshing. This one is by Balea
I always have my Kate Spade diary and a magazine in my bag.
For refreshment I carry some deodorant, bubble gums (peppermint is my favorite) and a lip butter around. My recent discovery is a lip product by Labello which smells like cocoa. Yum ☺
What's in your handbag?
Nati xx

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