August 19, 2016

I'd rather stay in bed | How to stay motivated

Staying motivated and productive can be really tricky sometimes, especially on Mondays. I can easily waste an entire day watching videos on YouTube or checking my Instagram. Today's post is about how to motivate yourself. Self motivation can be really hard sometimes as you might not always have somebody else to push you. 

 # Write a list
Because whatever you write down, is more likely to happen than whatever you just keep in your head.  Just list everything in the order of what needs to be done first. Prioritizing is the key!

# Set goals 
... either for the day, week or even your life. Creating a vision board will always remember you to keep on working to achieve them. Thus, it's motivating and helping you to keep focused.

# Be realistic
Make sure to know what you can and cannot get done in a day.  This will avoid disappointments.

# Keep track of how much you've already done
Strike everything from your list that you finished doing and get yourself a cup of hot chocolate or whatever you likethis will automatically make you feel good and productive.

# Keep yourself in a positive environment
Make sure to only work in a clean and organized office and decorate your space with flowers or candles. This definitely helping to create a positive environment where it is easy to work effectively.
What are your tips for staying motivated?
Nati xx

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