August 11, 2016

Latest beauty empties

After five weeks staying in India, it feels so good to be back to the blogging world. I guess this is the second article here on my website dealing with beauty products that I've used up. I'm looking forward to finally through them into the bin, as they're filling my cupboard for weeks #bloggerproblems ☺

1. Batiste dry shampoo for Light & Blonde (HERE)

I'm a huge fan of Batiste dry shampoos, I always have one at home. It's definitely better to use dry shampoo on hair with dry ends, then washing it every single day to avoid it looking oily. Added with a hint of color it prevents your hair from looking grayish. Especially for brunettes a tinted dry shampoo is a great buy. For women with lighter hair colors a normal dry shampoo gives much the same effect. The smell is pleasant, like actually freshly washed hair. Also, it's perfect for in-between color touch ups and it adds a lot of volume to the roots. Buy again? Maybe.

2. Rituals Oriental Dream shower foam (HERE)

This shower foam was a limited edition at Rituals that I bought around Christmas time. Damn, why do I still have it? ☺ I already tested so many of their foams of the different Rituals ranges, they're so easy to use, feel so luxurious, smell heavenly, and leave the skin super soft. Unfortunately, this time I wasn't satisfied with the scent, it was too heavily loaded with an artificial sweet perfumed fragrance. Buy again? No.

3. Rituals Fortune Oil Shanti Shower (HERE)

Rituals actually changed the name of it into Yogi Delight, which was totally confusing me the last time I went to the counter. This is by far my favorite range at Rituals, all products smell amazing. Buy again? Already done ☺

4. Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo OGX (HERE)

I've been testing this shampoo for the last five weeks and it's nearly empty. I have to admit that it's so drying to my hair, I have to put tons of conditioner on it to make it feel soft again. I can't see any benefits of natural argan oil by using it. I'm also testing the Healing Dry Oil that similarly doesn't feel beneficial to my hair. The whole range sounds really promising but it isn't working on my hair at all. What are your experiences with OGX? Buy again? Nope.

5. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar water (HERE)

I already tested many micellar waters that are less expensive, like Garnier and L'oréal that I really liked but this one by Bioderma is by far my favorite. It's the most gentle and is filled with more skin beneficial ingredients. Buy again? Definitely.
Do have any of the mentioned products at home? What do you recently used up?
Nati xx


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