August 23, 2016

Staying hydrated on hot summer days

We all know that drinking enough water is extremely important for our health. But believe it or not, drinking water can be the answer to fight aging and makes your skin glow. Especially during heatwaves making sure to stay as comfortable and hydrated as possible is important ☺
Infuse your water

The average person requires 6 to 8 cups of fluids per day. I often hear that people do not like the taste of water. Tossing in a lemon slice, some juice or frozen fruits will add a hint of flavor. I love to pop in some lime with ice. 
Caring sunburn
Soaking a wet towel with some kind of aloe-infused formula to put it on sunburned skin will allow it to cool. Also, drinking plenty of water can speed up the healing process.

Eat more fruits and vegetables
Eating fruits and vegetables with a high water content will add extra water to your daily consumption. Great options are water melons, pineapples or green salads.
Carry mineral water sprays
Water sprays are really convenient for refreshing the skin throughout the day. My personal favorite: Evian Water Spray. By the way, it also makes your skin glow after applying makeup.

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What are your tips for staying hydrated? Do you love to drink water?
Nati xx

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