September 15, 2016

How to fake a Caribbean holiday | Perfect and even tan

In summer time we all want a golden tan without the risk of damaging the skin by the sun. So please be responsible when it comes to tanning and use SPF (Find my personal favorite HERE). 
Sometimes it can be really hard finding the right shade to make it look as natural as possible and not too orange; finding a product with the right formula can also be a struggle. Oils help the tan to last longer. Plus, they make your skin feeling super smooth while applying. Mousse formulas are lightweight and great for oily skin types. Gels are really easy to use as they glide on your skin so easily. Sprays are super quick to apply but sometimes gradual uneven. Lotions are moisturizing and leave you with the most natural finish. Bondi Sands is the number one tanning product in Australia for a tan that looks incredibly natural. Personal favorite: Their Liquid Gold is perfect as you do not have to wash it off. 

Here are my tips for an evenly, non-streaky, and most natural looking tan:

Step number one is exfoliating. I sometimes use scrubs (Find my favorite body scrub HERE) or exfoliating gloves. They are so convenient, you just pop them on your hands, go over the skin with a shower foam focusing on dry areas. That makes sure you get rid of all the dead and old skin so that the tan goes on smoothly. Also, it helps to get a really close shave. While using tanning products without a hint of color, you cannot necessary see where you already applied the product. Always buff your oil/lotion into your skin for the most even results. It takes some time but makes sure to avoid those ugly steaks.
Do you have a tanning routine? Which products do you prefer to use?
Nati xx

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