October 12, 2016

5 ways to calm down after a stressful day

Knowing how to relax after a hectic day is vital for ensuring the health of the body and your personal well-being. Taking time for myself after a busy day is something I try to practice more often. Especially on the weekends I have more time that I can spend on my calming rituals. 

1. The first step to a good night’s sleep, is to be calm and relaxed. I love to spend up to 1 hour with no technology before hitting the pillow. The lights of electronic devices promote wakefulness and disturb your sleep. By keeping electronics outside the bedroom, waking up refreshed the next day is more likely to happen. 

2. Eating well can help your body feel balanced and healthy. I love to enjoy a cup of herbal tea or hot chocolate to unwind before bed. Tea also keeps you to stay hydrated which is super important. I also like to make myself a little delicious and nutritious snack. Eating the right bedtime snack will not provide unnecessary calories. I never go to bed on an empty stomach. 

3. Pamper yourself with a face mask (HERE). Let it sink in while enjoying a few more moments of relaxation. Take a bath or go to your local spa to try a massage. 

4. Take a walk, enjoy the nature and breathe in fresh air. Take long deep breaths and focus on the rhythm of breathing. Try not to let yourself get distracted by anything else and meditate. Think of something positive, that you are grateful for and visualize your next day in a positive way. Improving mindfulness is especially important when being super busy.

5. Before dozing off, I like to light a candle with a calming fragrance. My current favorite is Riviera Escape, also explore another lovely candle HERE

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What are your rituals after a hectic day?
Nati xx


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