November 29, 2016

Getting my iPhone Christmas ready

It was in June when I made my first order on Caseapp to create my very own personal iPhone case and I still love my purchase, the design is wonderful (It is a marble case! #obsessed), the quality is so great. You can read my full review HERE if you are interested in creating a customized phone case or laptop skin. It is a step-by-step guide, but do not worry the designing process is super simple. For this time of the year I decided to go for a more Xmas inspired case called Holiday Sweater*. I did not put a personal touch into the design because I already adored the original style. The color combination of white and red is just perfect. Nevertheless, I took a glossy finish but to be honest, it just looks like the matte one I got last time ;)
Do you still need to purchase Christmas gifts? I find a customized phone case a lovely present, it is unique and also really personal. If you want to design your very first phone case or laptop skin, you can use this coupon code to get 20% off:

Happy shopping! 
Nati xx

*This post was in collaboration with Caseapp

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