November 19, 2016

Skin, hair and makeup beach beauty secrets

I love traveling to tropical destinations in European fall or winter. Although I really enjoy the sweater weather (yay for red leaves, candles and hot chocolate!), I always start missing the beautiful light of the sun after a few months of the dark winter season. And to be honest, there are not many days of winter wonderland to enjoy when you live in a big city ☺
Looking great on the beach all year around is easy to archive when you follow a few basic rules:
Use fake tan to prepare for your holidays. I am always super, super white in winter and I even do not easily get a tan in summer, so fake tanning is a must.
Exfoliate on the beach. Just mix water and sand for the most natural, effective and cheap exfoliation (pictures below). But be careful, the new revealed sensitive skin is more prone to burning in the sun. So  do not forget SPF, especially when your skin is not used to those UVA/UVB rays. Do also not forget SPF on spots like your lips, ears or knees. When going for makeup make sure that it is waterproof. I usually apply some ultra black mascara, concealer and a coat of pink gloss and I am good to go.  Beach waves. The texturizing effect is the easiest to archive on the beach. Take a dip in the ocean and let your hair air-dry. If there is no ocean around, use a salt spray to get the look at home. Shop my favorite HERE.

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What are your beach beauty secrets? Are you planning a beach holiday in the South this winter?
Nati xx

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