December 15, 2016

Applying makeup ridiculously good with oval brushes

The beauty blender is past, it is time for oval brushes when it comes to applying makeup with a sleek finish. These different looking brushes come in several sizes made for different applications: Some are designed for applying foundations, other brushes are perfect to contour and highlight or setting your concealer. There is no doubt that these brushes are revolutionary. Well, only in terms of makeup of course. It is the oval shape of the heads and the dense bristles that make sure your makeup looks flawless. When using oval brushes the finish is not that airbrushed looking as after using a beauty blender. Whenever I love to have a greater coverage, I grab my oval foundation brush.
Here are some DON'TS on how to perfect your foundation game. 
-You do not have to use a lot of product. 
- Also, do not apply the foundation directly onto the brush, it will get stuck on the base. Applying some foundation overall your face before blending is the better option.
- Wash your brushes on a regular basis. Foundation clumps the brush hairs together creating streaks instead of a flawless finish. Also, it can cause skin irritation and breakouts. Use soap and a sanitizer on your brushes when cleaning.
The most iconic oval brush sets

Do you use oval brushes? Which sets do you recommend?
Nati xx


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