January 25, 2017

11 Products I've Used Up

I have been collecting my empty beauty products for a while now. My wardrobe has so much space now, after throwing all of these into the bin. Yep, these are real #bloggerproblems ☺ I wrote a short review about all products that I recently used up as alway.
S H O W E  R
Rituals is my absolute favorite brand when it comes to shower foams. Happy Buddha is no exception, it smells wonderful and overall, does a pretty good job in cleaning. I have also used up their Himalaya Scrub (not on the pictures since it was too greasy to keep it, sorry!), which is great, I definitely would repurchase it again. As you probably know, I am obsessed with chocolate (ask my family and friends, I eat it a lot), so I had to get the Chocolate Passion by Palmolive. It smells great and feels really luxurious on the skin, but is really inexpensive at the same time. Overall, I think that Philosophy is a good brand, especially for skincare. Vanilla Birthday Cake is one of the first products I tested and it is a really good one; it smells heavenly like vanilla ☺
Using up the Diamond Oil conditioner by Redken  took me a long time, might be because I did not like it the way I expected. It is not bad, but definitely not great either. My hair felt soft after usage, but that is what nearly every conditioner does, also cheaper ones. I know that many people love the 3 Minute Miracle Moist conditioner by Aussie, but I hated it. Not because it is a bad conditioner, but it smells awful. I have been using the American Cream by  Lush for many, many years. I love the fragrance. Nevertheless, the formula is pretty liquid, which I find annoying. I probably will not repurchase again, not because it is bad, but I am over it ☺
I bought the Go Blonder shampoo & conditioner by John Frieda when I was blond, which is over a year ago now. I completely stopped bleaching or dying my hair in November 2015 to go back to my natural hair color and I love it! Shampoo & Conditioner did not make my hair lighter, they just embraced the blond hair color. And finally (not on photos because I totally forgot about it) the Winter Blend conditioner that Maple Holistics sent me a few months ago. It is THE BEST conditioner I have ever used. It smells  minty and made my hair really soft, plus, all ingredients are natural. I definitely repurchase. 
The hair oil Oil Magique (for damaged hair) by L'orĂ©al: I love it! I used it up quite fast and I highly recommend it. I also used up two dry shampoos. One by Batiste with the scent blush (HERE) and another one by Aussie. I really like Batiste dry shampoos in general, I just did not like the heavy floral scent of this one particularly. Aussome Volume on the other hand smells like a salon product. I bought this travel size version because I was in need for a dry shampoo, but already got the full-size version since it is the best dry shampoo I've ever tried. What is your favorite dry shampoo? Or are you still looking for THE ONE? If you need some help to find a dry shampoo that fits your hair type the best, just go to Reviews.com, they have an article where they shared all their experiences with different dry shampoos. I am sure you will find one that you love ☺
B O D Y 
The Mei Dao body cream by Rituals is pretty thick, so perfect for moisturizing dried winter skin. I will not repurchase it that soon because I want to test other body creams at first, haha ☺

Which products did you recently used up? Have you tried any of these?
Nati xx

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