February 3, 2017

How to make a Blogger work with you: A Guide for Brands

Bloggers and brands work closely with each other. That is no secret. As a fashion and beauty blogger I love to work with skincare brands or fashion labels. Collaborations are fun, help me to discover new brands or products and give me the ability to reach new blog readers when my cooperation partners share my reviews on their social media. Brands usually reach out for cooperations through emails. However, recently I got so many impersonal mails with collaboration requests that were just annoying. 
Dear brands, you have to follow a few rules to make a blogger work with you! Here are some examples of mistakes made + requests I immediately rejected. 

1. No personal salutation. When an email starts with Hi dear, I know a brand was sending this email to a few other influencers as well. I feel like they are not really interested in working with me and have not really checked out my blog, Instagram or whatever platform they found me. 
I have a name ☺ No one wants to get bulk mails. 
2. Brands that keep on sending you the same collaboration request. When I receive requests for cooperations that I have once rejected over and over again I just delete them. I already said no. I do not want to read the same inquiry with exactly the same wording again. Plus, I get a lot of mails a day and answering takes much time that I just do not have.
3. When products do not fit to your blog content. I am writing articles about beauty and fashion, so there is absolutely no reason to believe that my followers want to read posts about kitchen utensils or other great technologies. 
4. No time for product testing. When a brand wants to send me their products, but wants a review right after I received the new range, I get really frustrated. Of course I have to test a product a few weeks to see if it works or not. Blog readers trust a blogger, but stop reading reviews when products were not tested within a reasonable period of time. 
5. Writing about a website or products I never used. I do not understand why some people believe I would recommend products on my blog that I have not even tested. 
6. Money. Some bloggers blog full-time. That is their job. I think it is totally fine to get paid for blogging because taking pictures and writing a post takes time. I think it is also OK to receive products by a brand and get not paid if blogging is a hobby. Brands often have no budget for bloggers, but I think it is not OK when a brand asks for reviewing their product and wants to pay a ridiculous amount of money, like $3. I mean, really? You want me to work several hours on a post for $3? ☺

I totally understand that it must be really hard for a company to find bloggers that fit best to their products they sell since there are many, but blogging is work and should be recognized as that. Please treat bloggers respectfully if you really want to collaborate.

If you are a blogger, have you ever received a frustrating or funny colloboration request by a company? Let me know ☺
Nati xx

*Photo modified after pexels.com

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