February 18, 2017

Why you should grow out your natural hair color now

Before I start to chat, let me tell you that I always loved dying my hair. I started dying my hair a dark chocolate brown when I was a teen, then I had some blond highlights and finally, I went to a light blond about two years ago and stuck to it. I always had so much fun by changing my hair color just in a few hours. I never had drastic changes to my hair, never went for platin blond or black hair, which just would not suit me at all. I never dyed my hair blue or pink. But, and that was the point where I decided to grow out my natural hair color, I had been dying my hair for about eight years and totally forgot about my natural hair color! I never dyed my hair because I did not like the color, but always found it super boring. I was no blonde, but no brunette either. Over 15 months ago I went to my hair stylist, bringing photos when I was 15 years old since I did not know my exact hair color, which is super sad, right? ☺ It came out too dark, it was a more light brown than a dark blond. After growing out my hair for a few inches, I got some highlights to cover the roots and the harsh line.
T H E   B E N E F I T S 
Today, I totally embrace my dark blond hair. 1. Believe it or now, your natural hair color is the one that suits you the best. It matches your skin tone and eye color and it is unique. 2. Going off the bottle saves a lot of money and time. 3. There is no need to check your roots every once in a while to make sure new growth is not that apparent. 4. We all know that hair dye is extremely damaging, so moreover, your hair will feel softer and healthier, plus, there are less split damaged ends to deal with, so that you do not have to not chopp away so many inches. My hair has grown so long and healthy ever since I went all natural. I highly recommend growing out your natural hair color. It might take a while, but it is so worth it.

What do you think about my decision? Is your hair color your natural one or do you dye it?
Nati xx

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