April 25, 2017

About Authenticity on Instagram

Finally, the annual Coachella weekend in Indio, California is over and all important blogger and Instagram-Famous girls, invited by Revolve to celebrate the hottest parties or not, travelled to Palm Springs to take relaxed hippy dippy photos on the festival. Coachella is not about music or arts anymore, it is all about the fashionistas' outfits. Fringes, boots, ruffles or lace is what you wear and the whole world has to see it on Instagram. 

Do not get me wrong, I love Instagram and looking at all the Coachella festival photos. I respect every Instagrammer for taking, editing and posting the photos. But why on earth do they all look the same? Is fashion blogging not about showing your personal style? Why should I post a photo on Instagram that has already been taken? That would be b o r i n g. There is nothing wrong with getting inspired and buying these it-pieces everyone has. A lot from my handbag or shoe collection is Instagram-Inspired and there is nothing wrong with that  #sorrynotsorry. 
Why do we not go back to individuality and authenticity on Instagram?

What do you think about Fakestagram? 
Nati xx

* All pictures above are from some of my favorite Instagram girls ☺

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