April 14, 2017

My experiences with ADD-PLEX

Olaplex is the most hyped beauty innovation of the last months. The three step system rebuilds broken hair bonds while coloring. Olaplex seems to work miracles on hair. Nevertheless, the treatment has its price. Add-plex is the latest hair invention that can be found in drugstore. It is claiming to work as Olaplex, but is way more affordable. The cheaper Olaplex alternative consists of one Rebuilder and a Booster that you both mix. You can either add Add-plex to your hair dye or use it as a conditioner. Since I do not dye my hair I tested how it works as a repairing treatment on my hair.

H O W  T O  U S E  A D D - P L E X
Mix Rebuilder and Booster in a metal-free bowl. Apply Add-plex to clean hair from the roots to the ends. Wear a plastic shower cap. Warm up your hair with your hair dryer for three minutes. Leave Add-plex in your hair for 12 minutes and wash it out.

I S  A D D - P L E X  A  D U P E  T O  O L A P L E X
If your hair is long, you definitely need to buy two sachets of Add-plex (22 ml per sachet), which cost alltogether 8 €. Not that inexpensive.  Nevertheless, Add-plex definitely made my hair shiny and more manageable, but nonetheless the effect it has on my hair is not impressive. A really good hair mask does the same. Another important point is that Add-plex is full of silicones that make your hair soft, but in the long run they are pretty damaging. Add-plex has no positive long-term effect to hair. If you stop using it, your hair will be as unmanageable as before. That is the main difference to Olaplex. I personally do not understand the hype about Add-plex.
Have you tested Add-plex? Is it working for you?
Nati xx

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