April 5, 2017

Why to not buy fake and go for the real brands

When I went to Naples last week I was staying in a hotel near the main station. People sell fake bags on blankets near train stations in nearly every Italian city, but Naples has a really crazy market full of Chanel bags, Prada sunglasses or Gucci loafers in its old town, which is busy all day long. You will not be able to buy a brand-less bag or a pair of sunglasses without a fake logo. 
But, let us distinguish a fake product from something that was inspired by a high fashion brand. A fake to me is something that copies a brand's designs and logos or tags with the attempt to make it look as one from the original brand, whereas an inspired product has the brand's own logo.
Who really wants to buy fake luxury products? For me, there are several reasons why I would rather buy from the real brands than fake:

1. First, it is highly illegal to buy fake products. Also, there are often organized gangs behind them.
2. The quality is easily spotted as fake anyway. A designer's bag will last for years if properly cared for, whereas a fake bag will not. 
3. People who buy fake handbags usually cannot afford the real, so the market sellers are not taking customers away from the luxury brands, but people who produce fake items are stealing the ideas and the work of the people behind high fashion brands.
4. Fake products are also pretty obvious to anyone who knows a bit more about the designs of a brand. Some handbags  I saw are even designs that the fashion houses have never done. Ridiculous.
When buying fake you are not fooling anyone except yourself. If you truly love a  design of  a famous handbag and not the logo on it, buy dupes. I personally love buying handbags that were inspired by runway and I believe there is nothing bad about it.

What do you think about fake handbags?
Nati xx

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