June 20, 2017

6 trends I will be following in summer 2017

Latest fashion trends range from super-bright colours; everything unicorn to Gucci shirts and fluffy loafers. While some summer 2017 trends are not my style, take a look at the trends I am taking away from Fashion Weeks and social media to follow this season:

1. Everything lemon 
Dolce & Gabbana’s lemon hued floral print dresses are not affordable for everyone, but H&M currently came out with similar prints. Lemon prints is one of the biggest trending looks from the Fashion Weeks giving your outfit a very fresh look. Dress: H&M.

2. Embroidery
The embroidery trend already appeared last year, but is still trending. Gucci started the embroidery fashion trend and now we have embroidered bags, shirts, dresses, shoes and even embroidered leather jackets.  One of my favorite trends this year:  with roses embroidered sneakers!

3. Off-the-shoulder
The off-the-shoulder trend is still one of the hottest trends this summer and I cannot get enough of it. My favorite: Yellow, red or blue striped off-the-shoulder tops. Top: H&M.

4. Gucci loafers
The Gucci loafer is priced way beyond what I would consider reasonable for a pair of shoes, but luckily high street fashion jumped on the bandwagon with more affordable inspired (or basically the same) style. I definitely prefer the classy black loafer style without any fur, unlike the Princetown slipper that is fully lined with lamb fur, the ugliest and unpractical shoe ever! Slipper: Gucci.

5. Pink and red
When grandma's rules were still a thing in fashion, some colors could never, ever be worn together. Today, we thought about it again and realized that red and pink go so well together. Bag: Gucci. 

6. Everything fishnet
Fishnet tights are a new must-have this season. Although I thought they easily look slutty and were hard to style at first, I now believe that they look pretty amazing when worn the right way. Especially under distressed jeans they look so edgy.

Nati xx 


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