June 7, 2017

Everything you need to know about eyelash extensions at home

Eyelash extensions are a rapidly growing trend. Nevertheless, going to the salon every three to four weeks is time-consuming and pretty expensive. Despite that, many women find them worth an investment, so why not trying to do eyelash extensions at home? All you need are individual permanent lashes and a glue for permanent lashes. The glue (HERE) and lashes (shortest version, HERE) I used are by Artdeco. 

A P P L I C A T I O N 
Gluing eyelash extensions at home will need some practice and patience: The first time I applied the lashes underneath, the second time on top of my natural lashes. Applying them on top was easier and did not irritate my eyes. It is hard to get the right amount of glue. If you do not use enough glue, the lashes will not last, but if you apply too much, it will look super messed up. 

P R O S  
- When applied right the eyelashes look fantastic without much effort being made in the morning #wokeuplikethis
- I did not notice them damaging my natural lashes, unless they are not pulled out to remove them. The glue turns into a rubber after it dries, to remove the glue and the lashes I used coconut oil. When the lashes still stick strongly to your natural lashes it definitely takes some time to remove them.

... A N D  C O N S 
- The glue I used did not dry black and was noticable on the black lashes. Not a cool look at all. I had to use eyeliner to cover it up. 
- The first lashes came off after a few days. I removed the rest of them after a week, so they did not last the claimed four weeks at all. Reasons for this may be that I did not applied them correctly since I am not practised, or the Artdeco glue is just not strong enough.
- Maintaining them can be annoying: Do not rub your eyes or touch your lashes unless you have to nor use oil-based products, which will make your lashes come of. 

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In conclusion I have to say that doing my own eyelash extensions at home did not work for me. However, I still like the idea of  waking up with already perfect eyelashes. What are your experiences with eyelash extensions done professionally at a salon?

Nati xx

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