July 9, 2017

Ways to discover your hometown

As much as I love traveling it is not always possible due to jobs, bank accounts or relationships. Do you feel that your budget is a little too tight for another trip somewhere? However, you can be a tourist in your hometown instead. I live in Berlin, a popular tourist town, and while I love where I live, I often avoid the touristy places.  
How well do you really know the place you live in? Have you already visited the places that tourists would typically go to? Most people assume they already know everything about their hometown, but there is always more to learn when pretending to be a tourist. Visiting your hometown from a tourist’s perspective will make you see more positive things of your city that you have not seen before. It might even will change your perception of certain things.

Here are some fun ways to rediscover the place you live:

1.  Take a tour of your own city. I absolutely love free guided tours, but actually never attended one in Berlin. 
2. Attend local events and festivals.
3. Visit tourist spots and do not forget to bring your camera.
4. Exploring is more fun with a partner or in a group.
5. Be the guide and show someone else your hometown.
6. Recreate your childhood memory and visit the places where you went to school or your sports club.

Remind yourself that you can find beautiful things right where you are. Traveling in your city will change your entire perception of your home when you are done!
Nati xx

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