September 25, 2016

Why should I add serum to my skincare routine?

Does your skincare routine include applying a serum? Well, it was not a part in my routine for years until I recently discovered its benefits. A serum will not replace a daytime or nighttime moisturizer but it will boost the overall healthy appearance of your skin when using the right one. Age does not matter, you can start using a serum now, even in your 20ies. Use your serum each morning and night after cleansing and before you apply your daytime or nighttime moisturizer. Yes, serums tend to be pricier than other skincare products but for a reason. Serums are made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin. They contain the highest concentration of active ingredients (cleansers and moisturizers usually contain between 5 and 10% active ingredient, serums can contain up to 70%).

September 22, 2016

Extreme Milk Shakes | How to Freakshake

Have you heard of extreme milk shakes that are known as Freakshakes taking over the Internet? People are waiting up to 45 minutes everywhere around the globe to get one of these since the Australian cafe Patissez created this insane trend. Nevertheless, these shakes are HUGE, kind of 2 to 3 deserts in one and full of calories. So I thought why not making them at home? This way I can add all the good ingredients I love & making it taste the way I want. I also included Oreo and Nutella. How would your freakshake look like?

September 18, 2016

Two days in Shanghai | Travel tips

Shanghai (上海) is one of the fastest growing and largest cities in Mainland China. It is also one of the least polluted cities in China. In comparison to Beijing, visiting Shanghai was a completely different experience. Unlike Beijing, there are not many historical buildings to see but the citie's popular tall and modern structures.
Now is the best time to travel to Shanghai, during fall it is usually warm and sunny. The cities's climate can be classified as humid subtropical, so summers can be pretty hot and humid.  I put together a list of places for you that are interesting to visit on a short city trip to Shanghai. 

September 15, 2016

How to fake a Caribbean holiday | Perfect and even tan

In summer time we all want a golden tan without the risk of damaging the skin by the sun. So please be responsible when it comes to tanning and use SPF (Find my personal favorite HERE). 
Sometimes it can be really hard finding the right shade to make it look as natural as possible and not too orange; finding a product with the right formula can also be a struggle. Oils help the tan to last longer. Plus, they make your skin feeling super smooth while applying. Mousse formulas are lightweight and great for oily skin types. Gels are really easy to use as they glide on your skin so easily. Sprays are super quick to apply but sometimes gradual uneven. Lotions are moisturizing and leave you with the most natural finish. Bondi Sands is the number one tanning product in Australia for a tan that looks incredibly natural. Personal favorite: Their Liquid Gold is perfect as you do not have to wash it off. 

September 10, 2016

Tommy x Gigi favorites

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid created a line for Tommy Hilfiger, which is finally shoppable online. From military blazers to nautical dresses to handbags, this collection is definitely a hit! Here are my favorite pieces from her line. On which items do you want to get your hands on? 

September 7, 2016

Traveling alone in India?

When I told people in my social environment that I was planning to go to India alone for 5 weeks, most of them asked me Aren't you scared to get raped or abused? Well, at least because of this chatter I was beginning to feel a little bit uncomfortable ☺ Now I'm writing this post to encourage you to go, don't be afraid! India can fascinating and frustrating at the same time but you will also get the chance to meet very friendly and curious people. These are my 12 tips to survive this incredible country.
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