October 23, 2016

Tips for growing long & strong nails

Growing long nails can be a long process of constantly taking care to stop the nails from being weak and brittle. It took me about two months to get my nails into a healthy condition again. Healthy nails are the key to grow longer nails. Here are my top 5 steps for stronger, longer nails.
1. Stop damaging them.
Do not bite your nails or the skin around it. This is not just such a bad habit, it also damages your nails badly. Also, acrylics and gel manicures weaken your nails and leave them super dry. To repair my nails, I even stopped wearing nail polish for a few weeks. It really helped them to stop from breaking. 
2. Filing.
It is better to file nails towards the center. Filing them back and forth can weaken them. Choosing the right nail shape can promote growth as well. I noticed that round shapes tend to grow easier out but personally I like my nails to be in a square shape. 
3. Do not forget your cuticles.
Always moisturize your cuticles with oil. I love to apply 100% natural coconut oil. Never cut your cuticles! I also never push them back but I know many women do so. For me, there is no reason for removing them as they protect the nails. I do not do anything to them. They are there for a reason ☺

October 20, 2016

Rhodes - A photographer's paradise

On my final days in Greece, I visited another beautiful place, starting with Ixia on the island Rhodes, where I stayed in the most beautiful hotel room with a fantastic view on the blue water of the Mediterranean Sea. I began my visit with a tour through the old town of Rhodes City with all the beautiful Greek architecture in its narrow alleys. The next days I enjoyed the crystal water at Tsamika bay (my favorite place on the island!) and stayed at Faliraki beach. Most of the time you could also find me snoozing on sun loungers at the hotel's pool area until the late afternoon. It was so relaxing ☺. Although it was already the beginning of October, temperatures in Greece were still pleasant. I will be definitely planning a late summer holiday again next year.

October 16, 2016

6 places to visit in Athens

As far as I can remember I have always wanted to visit Athens and experience all the breath taking ancient buildings for myself. Last week I had the chance to spend 48 hours in the capital of Greece.  My dream became reality ☺. I have put together a list of places in Athens that are worth a visit. I hope you will get a quick overview of the most important sights.

October 12, 2016

5 ways to calm down after a stressful day

Knowing how to relax after a hectic day is vital for ensuring the health of the body and your personal well-being. Taking time for myself after a busy day is something I try to practice more often. Especially on the weekends I have more time that I can spend on my calming rituals. 

October 7, 2016

Leather jacket, High Waisted jeans and Christy flats

Today's outfit of the day is super casual. It was a bit of a nightmare to shoot. Why does it always have to start raining right after you step out the door to start working on your next post? I mean, I often get up early on the weekend to avoid the crowded places in the afternoon. Truly #bloggerproblems ☺ For this look I combined my current favorite lace-up flats with some high waisted baggy jeans, a simple grey shirt and my leather jacket. What are your current fall wardrobe must haves?

October 3, 2016

Insta recently

I do not want summer to be over. So here is a summery little collage of pictures that I recently posted on my Instagram. It is full of beach photography. What have you been up to? Where did you go this summer? ☺
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