March 21, 2017

24 hours in Hamburg

It was not my first time in Hamburg. I have been traveling to this city many times before and I have to say we have a love-hate relationship: Lovely to visit, but not a place where I want to live. Nevertheless, there are a few places in Hamburg that are definitely worth a visit, so make sure check them out when in Hamburg ☺

March 17, 2017

Grey sweater, metallic skirt & white sneakers

I am absolutely in love with today's outfit: It is so casual & comfortable, but also super trendy. I think this metallic skirt by H&M is a must-have for this season. To dress it down, I combined it with my simple grey NYC sweater and some white sneakers. For accessories I went for my favorite pair of sunglasses and a ChloĆ© look alike grey bag.  I am obsessed with this all grey look. What about you?

March 13, 2017

Insta Recently

The past few weeks have been super busy. I really thought I would have more time to blog, but first I went to Barcelona, then to Hamburg and planned my huge trip to Italy, which is starting pretty soon. So keep up for a lot of photos from Rome, Venice, Milan and even more exciting places by following my Instagram page at @itsnatib ☺ What have you been up to? Are you planning to travel to somewhere exciting?

March 7, 2017

How to get better sleep

One or two years ago there was a time I just could not sleep at night. I am not gonna lie, it was horrific. You are not the same person when you lack sleep. I felt unbalanced, exhausted and insufferable. I guess the trigger of my sleeping problem was shift work: On some days I had to work until 7 am and went to bed at eight in the morning, but two days later work started at 8 am. However, there was just a lot going on in my life, I was overworked and I just could not sleep. After a while, I felt anxious to go to bed and afraid of lying awake in my bed at night for hours. I guess it was some kind of insominia, which is not that far-fetched since my Mum was suffering from it for years as a teen. My sleeping problem lasted for approximately one month and I tried a lot of things to sleep better. Nevertheless, the good thing is that I can share everything I learned this time with you now :P

March 3, 2017

Through my Phone: Lace Top, Jeans & Loafers

The day I shot today's outfit was super sunny and warm in Berlin. I do not even had to wear my dark grey coat from Mango, but could wear my black loafers from River Island without getting cold around the ankles. For the transition season, I love layering clothes. Therefore, I was wearing a simple white shirt and combined it with a black lace top.

February 28, 2017

Why to not give a shit to be happier

All my life I have been caring about what other people might think about me, what I do, how I look and afraid of them judging me if I do not meet their expectations. I promise you that this lifestyle is pretty exhausting. However, when you stop wasting your thoughts on other people's opinion, I tell you that you will be more relaxed, confident and be able to stay focused on the most important things in your life. The solution is to just don't care. It is not easy to not give a f****, but it is the key to happiness. 
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