October 6, 2015

How to Stone Marble Nails

I'm back from my trip to Africa now - it was such an amazing time! After two weeks living without any nail polish I decided to do some nail art. If you love everything marble you'll love it. I'm obsessed with marble printed things right now ever since I saw this marble print crossbody bag by Rebecca Minkoff haha. So this is how I do my stone marble nails, it's super easy and looks unique.
All you need is
a bowl of water
toothpicks, cotton pads and nail polish remover to remove any excess
nail polish (base and top coat, white and brown/grey nail polish)

Products I used

Let's get started. Start with a base coat and paint all your nails white [1]. After your nails are completely dried fill a bowl with room temperature water. Drop a grey nail polish on the water's surface 3 to 5 times. Make sure to use no old nail polish. Use any alcohol based liquid like perfume or hairspray to spray it on to the surface once or twice until you broke up the polish or use toothpicks to create a pattern [2]. Dip your finger in the water. Wait a few seconds to let the nail polish on the water's surface dry. Use a toothpick to remove the left polish on the surface of the water. Remove your finger from the water and clean your fingers with cotton pads dipped into nail polish remover [3]. Finish with a top coat. That's it (:
Do you like this design? Let me know.
Nati xx

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