October 28, 2015

Sketch of the Day: Annie Jaffrey

It's been a while since I posted my last sketch (It was in February ...). One reason why I started blogging was to find a space where I can be creative. I'm an art lover, passionate about drawing and painting. So I named my blog Simply Artdicted. Now I tend to stick on all beauty related topics more often haha (: but hey, makeup is art as well.
Anyways, today's sketch is Annie Jaffrey; a youtuber & blogger about everything related to advice on beauty & fashion, vegan food and natural cosmetics. She's an inspiration. She's motivating. A lovely person that cares about our earth's future and knows a lot about a healthy lifestyle. I started watching her videos many years ago and if you don't know her (shame on you (: ) watch her videos and read her blog because she's just amazing.

Find Annie's Blog here
Find Annie's channel here
Here are some other sketches that you can all (+ some more) find on my blog labeled with Portraits. I really hope you like what you see.
Nati xx

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