January 21, 2016

IASO Ghassoul Cleansing Oil | Review

A few weeks ago I introduced the Korean skincare brand IASO here on my blog by telling you that I'm absolutely in love with their Daily Care Bundle* that comes with a toner, an emulsion and the Ghassoul Black Cleansing Oil that I'm reviewing today. It's one of their best selling cleansers and I understand why! 

Some details
You can use the cleansing oil to remove makeup, dirt and also blackheads + to exfoliate and condition your skin. It's made for all skin types. The prize for 150 ml is $34. The ingredients are Morocco Ghassoul, Moringa Seed Oil, Willowbark, Papain enzyme and Bromelain to remove black/white heads, Marine Sponge and Blue Chamomile for pore tightening & seven flower extracts:

This naturally in the Atlas mountain range of Morocco occuring clay contains a wealth of natural minerals that eliminate all excess oil and dirt. In addition, Ghassoul Clay also works hypoallergenic. 

How to use
Shake before use. Apply an appropriate amount to your hands & massage onto your skin. And little goes a long way! Even if you wear much makeup 2 to 3 pumps are totally fine. 
The cleanser is really light, almost watery. It even removes my toughest makeup like waterproof mascara or eyeliner. It literally melts the makeup right off. Usually I have to use a makeup remover and a foam cleanser or my beloved micellar water by Bioderma but this cleanser works so well on its own. I can't really see a difference in my pores or if it works to fight against those black heads...
It leaves my skin feeling clear, clean and soft. I can imagine that it might be a little drying on dry skin but for my skin type (combination to oily) it's absolutely amazing.

Overall I'm really impressed with the IASO Daily Care Bundle. I'm using all products for a few months now. So great work IASO (: Also if you want to test some products by IASO now you can use the coupon code IASO4EVER to get 15% off.  
Have you ever tried products by IASO? What do you think about this cleansing oil?
Nati xx

*PR sample

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