July 1, 2016

Summer Hair Trend - Braids

*pictures from Pinterest
This season I can notice a trend that went beyond the runways and can be seen everywhere: the braid. I'm impressed in how many ways you can wear braids, from casual to edgy to chic. The braid is a great option for any occasion, whether for a wedding, clubbing with friends or a dinner. A braid is different and pretty. My current favorite is a Messy Double Dutch braid. For those who aren't familiar, a Dutch braid is essentially a French braid.  It’s the same technique, but instead of crossing sections over the top, you slip them underneath. It looks difficult to create but it's fairly simple. I also love Fishtail braids. To create them, divide your hair in two even sections. Take a thin strand from one section and pull it across the other section. Keep altering the sides until you reach the end of your hair.

Which one is your favorite?
Nati xx


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