February 28, 2017

Why to not give a shit to be happier

All my life I have been caring about what other people might think about me, what I do, how I look and afraid of them judging me if I do not meet their expectations. I promise you that this lifestyle is pretty exhausting. However, when you stop wasting your thoughts on other people's opinion, I tell you that you will be more relaxed, confident and be able to stay focused on the most important things in your life. The solution is to just don't care. It is not easy to not give a f****, but it is the key to happiness. 

Before I started blogging, I was afraid about the critics. Sharing my photos and thoughts all over the internet was overwhelming for an introverted person like me. It took me a really long time to finally pluck up courage and start a blog (#realbloggerproblems ☺). Whenever you are afraid of something, you should take action now more than ever. Caring about other people's views is only limiting, and by doing what makes you happy, you start becoming more confident. You will take action without the fear of being judged.  Not giving a f**** is a mental decluttering and has nothing to do with selfishness, it is all about looking after ourselves. Not giving a shit will set your mind free and to be honest: Worrying about other people's opinions is a waste of time. You cannot please everyone all the time. This attitude to life does not come over night, it is actually a lot of hard work and the easiest way to start living a free-minded life is to just start now to not give a damn shit.


1. It is a waste of time and only limiting you.
2. Not giving a shit will set your mind free. 
3. You cannot please everyone all the time.
4. You start becoming more confident, relaxed 
and focused by doing what makes YOU happy.
Are you someone full of cares or the I'm not giving a shit-expert
Nati xx


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